Doctoral Degrees

A DBA (Doctor of business administration) is the equivalent of a PhD in Business Administration. While a PhD tends to be more of a theoretical or scholarly research based program, the DBA is more of an applied research based program. Many DBA candidates are executives who wish to pursue a higher degree while continuing to work full time. Because the DBA focuses on applied research, many students are able to directly apply what they learn to current business issues. Both the PhD and the DBA are terminal degrees.

swiss mba and dba

GSBE Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is an applied program which prepares the students to solve practical problems in the contemporary business problems and current work related problems and challenges. The program is ideal for executives and academics to progress in the career and desiring positions in schools of business internationally. A master’s degree in business is desirable, but not a must. The 90 credit hour GSBE DBA can be earned in a minimum of 2  years—two years.

Course Fee  : Euro 3500 per semester 

Mode of Study : Full time on campus/ 2 months per year residential course /Online






  • Application form
  • Certificate of earned master degrees
  • English language requirements
  • Two recommendation letter
  • A complete CV

Questions concerning the admissions requirements or process should be directed to the Graduate Admission Officer  by email to

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