Q : How do I apply for admission?

A: To apply for admission to the GSBE, you must apply online at: http://genevasbe.com  See details on how to Apply.

To qualify for admission to the GSBE, you must be 16 years of age by the first day of instruction, a high school graduate or any other qualification acceptable by the school.

Transcripts from previously attended post-high school institutions are not required for admission purposes. Evaluating previous college credits is optional.

Q : I’ve submitted my application for admission, now what?

A : You will either receive a request for more information or a letter of acceptance. Included in your acceptance letter will be information on orientation, placement testing and registration.

Q: What are the course requirements for my degree/certificate?

A : Degree, diploma and certificate requirements are available in the school catalog. You can also visit the school and pick up an advising sheet for your program(s)

Q: How do I request an academic transcript of my completed GSBE courses?

A : All requests must be received in writing. Your academic transcript will include the courses and grades of all of your GSBE courses to date.

Q : What is a semester?

A : A semester is a period when school is in session. At GSBE we have fall, summer and spring semesters. Oftentimes, modular courses are offered within a semester. The length of these courses will vary. See the current term table for details.

Fall –  September - January 
Spring – February - May
Summer - June through August

Q : Where are you located?

A : Please check contact page

Q : How do my employer or higher educational institutions can verify my diploma ?

A : The employer/ educational institution need to contact GSBE by email regarding the   authentication of the diploma

Q : When does the online programs start

A : The applications are welcome through out the year.