About Us



Our Mission
We enable people to become incredible experts and exceptional business pioneers who think with clarity and act with certainty and conviction. Our quality lies in our methodology. We empower individuals to better comprehend themselves and their obligations while in the meantime mixing the practice and theories to become great business. We will number one ranked Swiss Business School in the future.

Our Vision
We need our student of all ages and at all phases of their professions to study with us on the grounds that they realize that our creative and innovative methodology conveys genuine results. We need to equip them with the instruments and capabilities to create and succeed in ever challenging environment




We are affiliated with one of the oldest Geneva school VM Institut Supérieur, offering Computer Programming, Web Programming, Economic Sciences of Business Administration.

VM Institut Supérieur is legally approved to offer degree in business and computer science degree in Geneva canton. VM Institute is offers both bachelor and master degrees.

VM Institute is member of EduQua.

What we offer

  •  Undergraduate programs
  • Graduate programs
  • On campus programs
  • Distance learning programs
  • Research
  • Consultancy
  • Corporate training
  • International students recruitment