Global Leadership Executive Programs

All businesses - large or small - focus on growth or risk being left behind.  The same is true for the people that work for and lead them.  GSBE Executive Education programs address a broad spectrum of issues and opportunities for both organizations and individuals

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  • Global Leadership Executive Program
  • Leading Innovation: Creating a Dynamic Organization
  • Leadership and change management in a multicultural context
  • Leadership strategies for Energy managers


Duration   : One week (July, October and February)

Cost    :  CHF 1'200

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booking keeping online coursesAccounting for Non-Accountants (Online)

Managers in production, sales, marketing, engineering, R & D, human resources and others who do not have enough financial backgrounds but want to know about accounting functions in their organization or SME entrepreneurs running their own business want to do accounting by themselves need to participate in these intense one week course or one month online course.


- understand the basics of accounting and uses of accounting information.

- learn to do book keeping functions

- Preparing the financial statements

- Analyzing the financial statements.

Duration : one week summer course or one month online

Cost : CHF 800 on campus or CHF 300 for online programs

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Finance for Non-finance managers (Online)

online finance coursesManagers in production, sales, marketing, engineering, R & D, human resources and others who do not have financial backgrounds but want to expand their knowledge of finance and financial measures of performance will want to participate in these intense five day summer course. Understanding Finance and Accounting will equip non-financial managers with the financial knowledge necessary to communicate more effectively with financial managers, analyze financial statements and understand how they relate, interpret a company's profitability, solvency and liquidity, explore the sources and costs of capital and the factors of investment decisions, and learn valuation principles and their impact on the value drivers of the firm.



- learn basic principles of finance

- Understand the objective of finance or functions of finance managers

- Evaluate a company's financial performance

- Analyze financial statements and understand the drives of firm value

- Explore the sources and cost of capital and factors of investment decisions

Duration : one week summer and one month online programs

Cost : CHF 800 for summer course and CHF 400 for online program.

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